Recent Press about Help Share the Word

 U.S. Treasury talks about, and acknowledged our awareness programs! 

"Still, real estate experts say other states are still not reaching the majority of local struggling homeowners – many don’t know the funds exist. Some groups, like the nonprofit Help Share the Word, are working to raise awareness."

HSTW and our work with Housing Transition

Nonprofit Organization Shifts Focus from Foreclosure Prevention to Housing Transition Due to the Colossal Amount of Active Foreclosures Nationally

Help Share the Word is actively aligning with other nonprofit organizations, HUD approved counseling agencies and affiliate groups in the housing sector to help stabilize communities nationwide. More than 690,000 American families are at risk of imminent displacement.

See our Awareness Video on the Housing Crisis

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In today's economy, many homeowners are facing homelessness and Foreclosures continue to skyrocket. Many homeowners need real help. There is a free, simple, Government program that can assist many of the homeowners with 7.6 Billion dollars in funding. Unfortunately, the people that need it the most, have no idea how to access it. Everyone has friends, family, and neighbors that could use help. It's up to all of us to Help Share the Word. You can request assistance directly from the States, on their official websites, free of charge. Please go to for more information! 

Help Share the Word Launches to Raise Awareness of HHF

"Help Share the Word was created for the sole purpose of informing homeowners who are unaware that there are programs available to offer this type of assistance,"" said Sergio Munoz, SVP for Help Share the Word. ""The greatest obstacle to the success of this program is the fact that many of those people who would benefit most from the Hardest Hit Fund are unaware of its existence."

Help Share the Word Launches to Help the Millions Facing Foreclosure Receive Assistance Through the Hardest Hit Fund

$7.6 Billion Available Is Barely Used 

Through New Hardest Hit Fund Data, Help Share the Word Foresees a Financial Loch Ness Monster Lurking in the Underwater Housing Market in Florida

The recovery of the housing market is necessary for the stabilization of the American economy. The recovery will not happen if there is a foreclosure crisis lurking under the housing market. Underwater homeowners in Florida facing a temporary economic hardship need to know about the $1,057,839,136 that has been dedicated to Florida specifically for foreclosure prevention from the Hardest Hit Fund (HHF).

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