Another of our primary missions is centered on delivering success strategies to the Nation’s youth, and supporting institutions that build long term success into their curriculum.    By incorporating strategies for success early in the education process, we believe that many tried principles will greatly improve long term success:

  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Positive Personal Development
  • Principles of Leadership
  • Career Paths and Strategies
  • Promoting Higher Education in Urban School Systems


HSTW is committed to educate and disseminate information that will assist people’s ability to have long term financial well-being.   One of our goals is to provide information to our youth on how they can make well thought out long term financial decisions, where managing, saving, and investing is a prevalent thought from the beginning of their careers.

Additionally, we have worked extensively with reactive programs as well, that provide access to information and resources to those that need to get back on financial track, or have been hit with financial setbacks.   During the recent home foreclosure crisis, HSTW was highly active in providing information to homeowners who had been particularly hardest hit by the housing crisis as they have struggled to make their monthly mortgage payments and grappled with deeply underwater mortgages. 


The internet is an amazing place.  In a very short time, it has allowed access to information and resources unprecedented in history.   It has become integral to our hstw2everyday lives, both personal and professional.   The repercussions of internet access affects each of us every single day.

Unfortunately, the internet has a darker side as well.   People that post on the internet may not be who they say they are, information found is often not correct or is a blatant lie.   The internet is mired with both great information, and tremendous misinformation.

With all the possibilities that the internet allows, Social Media has become increasingly prominent, and the vast majority of people are becoming more and more reliant and interconnected through these interactions.   From a very young age, our children are also not only on the internet, but making new connections and seeing new technology to connect them almost daily.   Used responsibly, there are many wonderful things that social media can provide, such as staying connected with friends and family, and meeting new people with similar interests, goals & dreams.   Using social media can make people feel connected to a larger world and community.  Nevertheless, this brings up many new matters that parents have to understand and monitor closely, as such casual and easy ways to connect with others has proven to have a darker and irresponsible side can also be a scary place for children to be; often with no real redeeming value – especially at a young and impressionable age.

HSTW has made part of it’s primary mission, to promote the Responsible Use of Social Media.   We are currently concentrating our efforts on education with regards to:

  • Cyberbulling
  • Privacy Matters
  • Avoiding exposure to Online Predators
  • Identity Theft and Internet Security Concerns
  • Social Media Addiction
  • Social Media Stress
  • Proliferation of Inappropriate Social Media use